Make sure it fits

We can’t tell you the number of times people pick out a piece of furniture without thinking about a small doorway or low ceiling. Is there a wall that sticks out right in front of a doorway? Take a few minutes to measure any tight spots or narrow doors then ask the Affordable Portables sales people for advice just to make sure.

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Perfect furniture to utilize a small space


Stylish and functional

When living in a tiny space, things can get cramped fast. Avoid this problem by buying furniture that not only looks nice but can be multifunctional.

Multifunctional furniture

  1. Sofa- A sofa is a great place to start when it comes to getting more for your bargain. A smaller version is a love seat. Be sure to check that your doorway is at least
  2. Beds- If your bedroom cannot accommodate a bulky dresser, choose a bed frame with drawers built in.
  3. Cabinets- Cabinets are great for places random things out of the way to reduce the look of clutter. More clutter means the smaller the room will look.
  4. Futon– If you’re in need of an extra space for yourself or overnight guests, try a sofa bed or a futon. Futon frames are also nice space savers that fold up as a sofa and down as a bed. Futons can range from inexpensive thin for a tight budget or rival some of the best mattresses anywhere. There are lots of people who would rather sleep on a nice futon than on a good mattress. We have one of Chicago’s best selections and can help you decide what works best for you.

Furniture Evanston and Chicago

For furniture that is stylish while functional, go to Affordable Portables. We have everything you need for your small space at wonderful prices. Contact our store if you have any questions at (847)866-8124.

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3 Ways to Create More Space in your College Room


  1. Utilize your closet well. Your closet is the main place where you will be putting your belongings – especially your most valued possessions: your clothes! Be sure to get at least a couple of nifty space saving items like a hanging shelf.
  2. Utilize your desk well. You don’t need to put only books and notebooks in your drawers, use a drawer for your make-up and other miscellaneous things-also, don’t let your books pile up over the course of the year. Sell the ones you don’t need anymore.
  3. Get a loft bed. With a loft bed you can really make the most of your side of the room by being able to have a desk and a good amount of storage space under your bed.

Don’t know where to get a loft bed? Affordable Portables has got you covered!


924 Davis Street Evanston, IL 60201


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3 Ways to Make Kids’ Rooms Fun


  1. Wall Decals: Are you scared your kids will grow out of their current tastes too quickly? Let them fill their walls with wall decals. Easy to apply and peel off without ruining your paint, wall decals are perfect room decorations for your ever-evolving child.
  2. Bright Paint: A great way to brighten up your child’s room is by choosing a fun paint color. Let them participate in the paint picking process to help them gain ownership of their room.
  3. Loft Bed: Is your child’s room small? Loft their bed and put a desk area underneath to make the most of a smaller space.

Would you like to put a loft bed in your kid’s room? Affordable Portables offers lifestyle furniture, to give you and your family the perfect home.



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Laying Out the Perfect Chicago Living Room

Maguire Sofa 504771 Room view Affordable Portables

Affordable Portables Knows How

We’ll find you great, cheap furniture; see how fun and easy it is to arrange.

Think, Plan, Map

Hopefully you’ve detailed a scaled drawing before your furniture has arrived. If not, okay! Take a seat in your new room, brainstorm, and sketch a simple map.
Imagine how time will be spent in your new quarters – a conversational hub or an isolated sanctuary?

Arrange, Rearrange, Rearrange again

Now you’ve got your design, excellent! If your goods have arrived from the furniture store, you’re good to go. Have a helper there with a few hours to kill and start.
Set things to your first draft – walk around – does it feel right? Enough walking space, are things symmetrical, do you want symmetry? If things don’t work for you, redo it, and keep redoing till it’s perfect.

Are All the Pieces There?

Now your new furniture is set up, is it enough? Think – if there is too much open space, you may need another sectional sofa, futon, office furniture, bedroom set or whatever to top it off.
Visit the Affordable Portables website and we’d be happy to help you finish.
Call us at (847)866-8124 and ask for Avis. Affordable Portables is also in Evanston!

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How Room Colors Affect Your Mood

Scientists have studied the effect of color on our brains and believe the shades you use in your home can impact your well-being.

Red – Red is a common color in restaurants, and in the color scheme of almost every fast food restaurant, because it stimulates energy and appetite. It’s also been shown to increase heart rate, so it’s not recommended for bedrooms.

Blue – Blue is recommend for the bedroom, as it’s know to be conductive in aiding in sleep and provides calmness.

Green – Green really does cause our minds to think of the green shades found in nature. It evokes a sense of tranquility and is considered refreshing to the eye.Kayla-201180-Affordable-Portables-Chicago-Furniture

White – Popular in decorating and in fashion because it is light, neutral, and goes with everything.

Pink – The ‘pink effect’ causes calmness and is associated with romance, which is reminiscent to the idea of being happy.

Black – Black is dramatic and has the ability to give a bare room flair. However, sometimes black is associated with darkness and melancholy and is recommended to be used in small doses.

At Affordable Portable, we’ve got lifestyle furniture for every room, to match whatever theme and color you want! Browse futons, kitchen furniture, office accessories and much, much more on our website today.



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Furnishing your Home:


Furnishing a new home can be a very fun process. Here are a few tips to create the home of your dreams with furniture that you love.

1. Pick a theme for your furniture before you start, this way all the pieces you buy will go together.

2. Research different brands of furniture and see how they are rated for durability and comfort.

3. Pick a color theme for your furniture so nothing clashes with each other.

To purchase your furniture at an affordable rate visit they have awesome deals on amazing furniture.

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